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Work...why me?

Ok been avoiding this because it's causing me such assistant got a full time contract position (within the company) which originally started mid Sept but today she tells me that they need her earlier and her last day is being pushed up to as early as August 15th. WTF WTF WTF...I'm in the middle of payments which can not be taught to someone new half way through the just can't come into it in the middle. Second the agenda for the next meeting is due for mid Sept and thus I had confidence that my assistant would finish entering all the projects into the database before she left and we could print the agenda and also do the masters for the projects and get it down for photocopying by then. Then I could train the new girl from the beginning.

In addition my Exec Dir is at a convention this week back on Monday and I'm on holidays next week while I wait for the cheques and bank transfers to be process by accounting. When I come back the cheques/BT numbers would be entered into the database and the secondary letters produced. I already have my assistant doing the first letters as they require no cheque or bank transfer confirmation numbers and they are just waiting to go. So I was on track until this news of the push up date...she was going to start entering the database projects after the payments were finished. With this news she wont' get to the agenda but as sure as god is my witness she's going to finish the payments otherwise my HR is going to get a frickin' ear full and it won't be pretty!!!

It get's ED was told this today...we have not talked nor will we as I'm not in next week. Also there is a short interdepartmental staff meeting on Monday and I'm not could be about my assistant and/or also about another manager position that they were interviewing for two weeks ago.IF he announces the leaving of my assistant without me being there I'm going to be extremely pissed!!! It is rude to do this without speaking to me first about it and telling the other departments so it had better be about the hiring of a new manager or else I'm complaining to HR.

Wait there's assistant tells me that when she was talking to HR about her new position that he mentioned that they had somebody in mind for my assistant position. Now shouldn't they be #$%^ talking to me first about this??!!? I do get a say in who is hired or at least I'm supposed to as I know what "type of skill set" I'm looking for...they @#$% do not! . Plus this person will not be just doing my assistant duties but also working for another guy in a different dept on a different floor for 3 days of the week.....I have more work needing to be done than this other guy...I know because my assistant has been doing it for this guy for the last few months and it was supposed to end in August but it looks like it's going on a permanent basis. WTF! WTF! WTF! I should be getting 3 days and this guy 2 for the amount of work that needs doing between the department.

I want to chose my assistant I need a specific skill set and that person has to speak both French and Spanish or at least read and translate it....not just someone they want to give a job to and I want to have her for at least 3 days. Also I don't think they realize the learning curve for the assistant position is 6 months minimum....more like 9mos - 1yr to get the hang of it. HR is about to get an earful from me when I'm back from much for the rest I was hoping to get. I'm so sick of this shit...really. Anytime Destiny wants to show up I'd be grateful....hopefully before the stress takes it toll.
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