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Talking to Bev today about raising one's vibrational energy...she's one of the coolest people at the AD or maybe I should say one of the few coolest. Rest are how did my assistant put it today " the f*king Gong Show" I nearly fell of my chair laughing. Priceless.

My assistant has "full-time" job interview on Friday as she is one of 3 finalists. If she gets it I will be looking for a new part-time assistant. I told her to go for it...gave her some tips etc.

This past week of sheer bliss is about to be shattered as the ED comes back much for peace and quiet for he brings chaos with him wherever he goes. He's not happy unless everything is a swirling crazy whirlwind of chaotic activity in which nothing is accomplished. Ah well only a little while longer now just a little while longer  \o/

Yesterday attended a seminar at the AD on Fiber....neat little thing it is....sometimes the women in attendance at these 'lunch n learn" (for there was only one man who came) are very ignorant or just plain stupid...this one chick refused to believe that caffeine is dehydrating and that for every cup of coffee you have to drink 2 cups of water....duh it's a scientific  fact get the f*ck over it...if you don't want to drink more water then don't but you can't complain about it later.  It's not rocket science people. Another chick asks about decaffeinated coffee....well the chemicals that it takes to do that defeats the purpose because you're adding more chemicals to the body....anyway all this stemmed from the fact that if you are trying to up your fiber intake you should drink more water as helps move the crap the fiber sucks up out of you and replenish your water in the well most people don't drink enough water and are dehydrated blah blah blah....learned a few new interesting things but mostly stuff I already new...not the most useless way to spend lunch hour lol
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