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Le Weekend +

Monday: Was surprised this am with a gift of a conch shell with hole to blow (.needs sanding tho') from Val my assistant who got it while on vacation in the Bahamas. She rocks all kinds of ways! I've been wanting one for a long while. Apparently the guy who sold the shell to her and cut the whole blew into it and she said it was so loud you could hear it for miles. I just need to sand the whole though....anyone got a sander? Anyone? Headed over to  Pure + Simple Spa this afternoon for the pain treatment as I call it...aka waxing lol. I haven't completed my homework...not sure I like the subject matter....asking Prof to change it.....if I can...she said to hand it in either this Tues or next. It'll be next. Watched the Parade in Madrid, Spain today via that lovely thing called the Internet....wish I was "on the bus" as the saying goes. Sergio Ramos waving the cardboard cut out of Paul the Octopus was hilarious. For those who don't know Paul the Octopus predicted the winner of every match through the World Cup. Paul predicted Spain over the Netherlands. I think the Spanish National Team should adopt the frickin' thing as a mascot lol.

Sunday: watched the World Cup match of Netherlands vs Spain and Spain emerged the 1-0 winner...I'm ecstatic that they won as it was so hard fought with it going into the 30 minute overtime with no score. Iniesta finally brought it home although I so wanted Sergio to score the winning goal as he's been close so many times during the whole tournament with it going barely inches wide each time. Rafa was at the game all decked out in Spain gear and he nearly didn't get into the VIP lounge because security thought he was a fan at first due to his apparance. He had on a Spain jersey, a flag draped cape like over his back, a scarf tied around his head as a bandanna and two flags painted his cheeks. I'll have to find a picture to post....priceless!!!

Saturday: Did the shopping thing before the Uruguay vs Germany World Cup match to decide 3rd place. Headed over to the mall...bought music at HMV and some pj's Joe Fresh and I wore out my beige cargo pants (two rips) so I bought some new ones at Old Navy. Sadly Uruguay lost to Germany. I still think that had Uruguay not been down 2 defencemen (one of them their Capetian no less) and one of their best scoring striker for the Netherlands match then they would have been in the final against Spain. Good thing was Diego Forlan of Uruguay won the Golden Ball for mvp for the whole Cup. Congratulations Diego you deserve it!

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