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The Last Airbender

Vetoed Eclipse this week in favour of watching The Last Airbender by M. Night Shyamalan. Still got my fix of Jackson Rathbone as he's in this movie although I didn't recognized him until about a half hour in. This is a kids movie period. I liked it. It was fun and very cool tale on those who can manipulate one of the elements of Earth Air Fire & Water and how one an "avatar" who can manipulate all four will bring an end to the terror of the "Fire" nation who wants to enslave the other nations of Earth, Air and Water. Basically it's a metaphor on how industrialism is destroying on all things sacred including the natural world and these ideas have been expressed in many other movies so although there's nothing new here sometimes adults can learn from kids movies truly. I loved the combination of martial arts and tai chi to control the elements and the whole Buddhism religious aspect to the plot as well as the princess of the northern water nations 'sacrafice'...ya I cried.....

I've heard that the movie has gotten bad reviews although I don't know why since it's entertaining regardless but the movie indicates that this is only Book 1: Water thus implying as does the ending that there will be sequels which I would like to see but if the reviews are bad then sequels may not happen which is disappointing. At least I'd like to know if the Air nation which was exterminated before the story takes place somehow returns or is resurrected.

Movie is entertaining regardless...
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