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Now that some financial stuff is settled and the future isn't going to be so bleak as my imagination played out, I feel better. T minus 8 mos and counting! Also my optimism which I once possessed in copious amounts but dwindled to alarmingly low levels is slowly being replenished. Go Me!

Also the allergic reaction I had to Lysine is better and this Mermaid's Angelina-Jolie-lips-for-a-week are returning to normal size thank the gods! No offense to Angelina. One of the girls in the office next door thought I'd gotten collagen injections O_O eww! A trip to the doctor and cortisone cream + antihistamine and two days later and my pretty lips are on the mend. It did put a damper on the 4 day holidays last weekend. Well I have another week coming up at least!

Btw I just realized I no longer need my Lost icon :(
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