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Best desk ever!

Crazy weekend....too much craziness actually. Never felt so safe yet not safe in my own city.

Basically hibernated...worked from home on Friday, watched the Spain vs Chile match in the world cup. Lots of camera focus during the later parts of the game on Sergio Ramos which made me happy. I took a pic of my desk ie. the floor as I don't have a desk at home that I can actually work on...the desk in our library has the computer on it and no extra space. But it was fun... working and watching the game at the same time. desk ever!!! Working on two projects on Friday.

As I said I stayed in and thank the gods I did with all that was happening downtown I am glad I didn't have to go out for any reason...TV footage was enough to be glad I was home safe. As I said never felt so safe yet not safe in my life. The Argentina vs Mexico game was great as well. With Argentina advancing. Really missing Gago...wish he had been named to Argentina world cup team *shakes fist at Maradona & mouths obscenities*  Discovered the joys of player cam as Rogers has views of the game, player cams for each team etc. Oh the mocking that ensues when you see Gonzalo Higuain just standing around, meandering aimlessly on the pitch and almost walking into players, the changes in his expressions as he waits for the ball to come back up field to him. HILARIOUS! I think Gonzalo is a great player tho' but still he's also quite humorous...I'll leave it at that! I wish they had a Sergio Ramos cam but he's defense so most likely no.

Also rented Dear John based on the Nicholas Sparks novel. Movie was pretty good but no where near The Notebook or A Walk to Remember. I do want to see Last Song when it comes out.

Watched Cairo Time on TMN on Demand. Slow slow movie but the shots of Egypt were well worth it...the pyramids were freaking awesome just wished that there were shots of the temples but alas no.

Things are back to normal and tomorrow Spain plays Portugal but I am in a meeting all afternoon with the Allocation Committee deliberating over applications so I am sending my assistant out periodically in secret to find out the score. Spain better win because both Es and Manny are huge Portugal fans and I'm never going to hear the end of it if Spain doesn't win. VAMOS España!!!
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