Niviene (niviene) wrote,

Earthrquake 2010

This afternoon an earthquake - magnitude of 5.5 hit north of Ottawa....we felt it all the way down here and I heard as far away as Ohio and New Brunswick O_O

I was at lunch with Es, Char and Val. Es felt it first and asked "Do you feel that?" I thought it was the subway that runs underneath out building but then it was shaking for much too long...we all agreed Earthquake. We were calm but a little in awe as we never felt it that strong ever.  We saw the people in the building across the street outside on the sidewalk. We called relatives and friends to see if they were all ok. I couldn't get a hold of lady__croft at her office so I called her cell only to find out they evacuated their building. But it was over fairly quickly and a few of the people in the office didn't even feel it others said it was shaking harder in some parts of the building than others.

In other news I told my ED that I would probably take Friday as a vacation day or I could work from home on the off chance he would agree AND HE DID! He said that's a good idea and I should plan on taking work home O_O. He's all about must have bodies in the office type so I'm a stunned. So I'm taking 2 projects home with me \o/

Crazy day....crazy.

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