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Crappy day + World Cup day 6

Today wasn't a good day....emotional roller coaster in a strange way....

I didn't sleep well and woke up after only 4hours sleep...and that's not good when going into a "staff" meeting from 10am-noon where we give updates on what we've been doing since the last meeting...from my perspective I was "working" duh. Nobody really cares what anyone else is doing in my office since it doesn't affect us in the least. Imho meetings should be held only if there are special projects going on and that 'team' needs to meet due to deadlines etc or if there is something significant happening affecting departments. I didn't get to see the first Spain match vs Switzerland in World Cup game due to aforementioned meeting...I think this affected me more than I realized as I was looking forward to watching it online. When I came out I found out Spain lost 0-1 and I thought my assistant was joking when she said it. I could have used a Sergio Ramos hug right about then but then again he could have used a hug too! After our snooze fest meeting we took our co-op student out to lunch at of all places SWISS Chalet...the signs were there I just didn't see it *sigh*  We came back around 2:30pm so I got to watch a wee bit of the Uruguay vs South Africa match. lady__croft called to tell me that the SA goalie got a red card which resulted in him being tossed from the game, a sub goalie coming in cold to take a penalty kick from Diego Forlan who scored and SA also lost a man and were down to 10 players on the field. Needless to say the final score 3-0 was no surprise. Uruguay is my dark horse, my underdog to go all the way this year if Spain, Argentina (sans Gago), and Italy choke. We'll see how they all do in the coming days!

I came home and crashed until 7:30pm then made dinner of which I wasn't even hungry for but the good thing is I now have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I just need to make something to go with it like maybe salad. Watched So You Think You Can Dance while flipping between it and the rebroadcast of the Spain vs Switzerland game. Sergio looked tired a bit and in some pain...he may have hurt his back or got kicked in the ribs. He didn't smile much and he always is smiling on the field for Real Madrid. Worried something is up...but maybe not.

I hope tomorrow is a better day....
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