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Le Weekend

Le weekend was uneventful really but busy some some point soon I'll have to tackle the books....I need things in least place feels lighter again...stale energy is something I loathe.

Did rent Shutter predictable but decent nonetheless. Also watched The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas on TV. Was expecting a different ending something more upbeat as in after the war the boys find each other as adults so that the horror of what happened during WWII wouldn't be so harsh but nothing about that time was feel good happy so why I expected a "happy" ending idk. Actually was a bit shocked at the ending. The book apparently has an epilogue that's slightly different and not so jarring as the ending from the movie...For the last 3-4 day references to Nazi's and or jews have been mentioned. Even today Es made a racist statement which I found appalling about jews and frugality. I chided her for it not that it did any good really. I can't believe people still think like that today.

I'm so out of sync these days....things are way off...I've got to bring them back into alignment and soon. It's a matter of time.

I found out today I have a staff meeting at the same time as the first Spain match in the World Cup....I'm so upset about least I get back in time for the Uruguay match...still I am not happy...was looking forward to watching it live.Needless to say I am not looking forward to this meeting. I wish I could call in sick but not an option. Enjoying World Cup so far...GO SPAIN, ARGENTINA, URUGUAY, ITALY!
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