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Soccer Thursdays & Daybreakers

Great game of soccer this afternoon at lunch....Some ladies in the park told us that we were having too much fun lol..we all burst into laughter! Then our group gained a new player...a "fur' player....yes a poodle by the name of WIllow. She likes to play soccer so we kicked the ball towards her and she tried to block us getting was hilarious and more of a workout than our 'game' cuz we ran around10x more...

Good times good times.

Also finished watching Daybreakers tonight...interesting take on vampires. Their food supply is running out...aka humans are scarce and therefore the main character Edward - a hematologist - must find a blood substitute or vampires face starvation.As the vampires starve they revert to their animalistic, vicious, uncivilized, bat like form. While Edward's research is trail and error he comes across a human who was once a vampire and has reverted back using temporary exposure to the Sun also Edward finds out that once a vampire reverts anyone who tries to bite them will revert to back to a human which is how he plans to save the human race.... Not sure I buy that using the Sun vampires could revert to their original human form....still movie was geared more toward the story and characters rather than relying on special effects. It wasn't scary at all...not that "horror' movies are these days but it's a decent rent.
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