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Legion dvd

Rented Legion...basically plot is God sends the angels to exterminate humanity cuz God is tired of his creations but humankind can be saved if this one particular unborn child is born before the angels are finished bringing on the Apocalypse. The angels are not the nice cherubs you normally see...they actually "posses" a human then pretty much start killing people following God's orders and only one - Archangel Michael - has faith in the human race to disobey an unsympathetic God to come help. Normally it is Gabriel who is considered the only angel to have slightly bent an order. The movie has the same concepts that have been done before with Angles being jealous of "Man", an unborn baby can save mankind and one guy's unwavering faith is enough to bring help from the powers that be. Still special effect were pretty spiffy especially the archangels Michael and Gabriel fight scene with the "wings" armour!

Not really scary despite it being a "horror" film.
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