Niviene (niviene) wrote,

Pirate Radio 1960s

Watched the absolutely fabulous Pirate Radio on DVD. LOVED IT! The music = AWESOME but then again it is the 60's British invasion. The Who with My Generation and The Kinks All Day and All of the Night and Cream songs and I could go on and on. Premise of the movie is that it's illegal for radio stations to play rock n roll in Britain during the 60's so rock n roll stations broadcast from boats in the North Sea. The government wants to shut them down and no matter what laws they try to put in place the stations always find a loop hole. The story starts on one such boat. where you meet the quirky DJs, crew, news anchors, the cook and the godson of the owner who is shipped off (no pun intended) by his mother so that he can mend his bad boy ways with his godfather who is far from a role model plus you also get a glimpse of the lives of the station's listening audience. All of aforementioned are adorable and love their jobs and the music of the times as they risk their jobs and their lives to keep rock n roll streaming out to Britains everywhere. Most notable of the characters...well for me....was "Midnight Mark" who is wonderful at channeling Jim Morrison. The movie is a lot of fun and very funny and irresistible especially if you like the music of the era or even if you have no clue about the music! Gotta say my fav scene was the Godson loosing his virginity....HILARIOUS but go rent me it will not disappoint!
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