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Tired. Spent day at the Eaton Centre. Tried to exchange my Birkenstock shoes at the CRAPPY SOFT MOC in the Eaton Centre. They said no. The hard plastic piece that goes between the toes doesn't fit properly on my right foot and I had a blister so bad that I had to wear my fall shoes and avoid sandals for a week. The guy there said story policy is only on unworn shores...I said your sales receipt says returns up to 90 days and refunds on unworn shoes. He said no it applies to all shoes must be unworn...I have proof it doesn't make sense.....also said I wore them 30 mins max before I had to remove them...I can't possible tell that from walking around in the store for 5 minutes now can I plus the sales girl was trying to hurry me up in deciding....they should go back to the manufacturer imho. The guy looked at me like he didn't understand what I was saying. try customer service and gave me some long distance number. It's ridiculous. WTF is wrong with these stores and sales people? What happened to the customer service and customer comes first?  All they want is your money...greedy bastards! Well I'm never shopping there again. It's the place I mostly buy shoes but not anymore - they lost me and my money!. I wouldn't advise anyone else to either. I found out the over inflate their prices by $30 or more on most of their shoes...I wish I'd bought my Rockports at Rockports instead of there. Birkenstocks should retail for $90 and SOFT MOC Eaton Centre charges $110 plus tax. RIP OFF! Also Soft Moc Eaton Centre tries to sell you this crappy glue for Birks for $8...DON"T buy's another cash grab which you don't need! Can I say it any louder SOFT MOC EATON CENTRE IS A RIP OFF CRAPPY STORE imho!

If you're buying Birkenstocks go to the original Birkenstock store a friend told me about too late obviously but not for those considering buy a pair and they only charge $90....The First Step, 6 Alcorn Ave near Summerhill TTC station where the owner will fit you for the right style, size and shape for your feet plus they even do repairs so your Birks will last for years and years.

I'll be selling my Birks on Craigslist...size 8 aka 38 as I can't wear them sadly....
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