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Juve vs the Viola

Juventus vs Fiorentina...

The game was really boring as in the team really didn't care...but we had these amazing seats right behind Juventus' in first row. Not everyone came....we at least got Amauri (hot), Diego (cute), and Paolo De Ceglie (sweet) and Del Piero. We mostly watched the bench..highly entertaining... Candreva, Trez (who was really stuck up imho) etc. ...There were some good moments with Amauri almost scoring. As for Fiorentiana....the team played well for an international friendly...Vargas didn't come as he's injured. Jovichic(sp?) was there and he signed for a long time after the game was over. Del Piero took off his jersey and his pants and gave them to the audience. Player exit was way on the other side of the field :(.

Over all it was fun cuz we got to see them...bad was that most of the Juve fans hated Amauri. Oh almost forgot Amauri & Diego are best buddies....good to know lol....also a lot of players speak English...
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