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Bright Star + Juve + blister

Watched Bright Star this pic about poet John Keats and his love affair with Fanny Brawne. The love story was beautiful and very sad. Box of kleenex is needed. Many of Keat's poems (which I have always liked) as well as many of his letters to Fanny were used in the film  Fanny is the girl living next door to Keats and although their relationship is a bit rocky at first due to Keat's bff, they find themselves attracted to each other the more time they spend together. Sadly they only had three years together before Keat's death due to TB. They never married as he was a poor poet with no income or status only debt but she didn't care about that...she never loved anyone else . He died in Italy while she had to remain in England. The scene where Fanny receives news of John's death is absolutely heart wrenching and you could literally feel Fanny's pain and loss.( I was balling.)  There is a lovely afterword in the movie which says Fanny never took the ring that John gave her off and often walked the moors after his death as they did when he was alive. Both the actors - Ben Whishaw  and Abbie Cornish - in the film did a fabulous job. Rent it if you're an incurable romantic!

I hope that John and Fanny were reincarnated to find each other again in a more auspicious time where their love could flourish!

Also hung out down at the harbour this afternoon. Lots of Juventus fans...apparently players were staying at the Westin Hotel...we didn't see any of the players.

On a crappy note my new Birks gave me a whopping blister on my right second toe. I am not amused. Skin is very raw. I can't take the shoes back because I've worn them and the culprit which is the very hard plastic bit between the toes doesn't look like it's going to mold to my foot any time soon. I just may have to write Birkenstock and complain...the right foot is perfectly fine and that one was comfortable. In the store the shoe was was only when I was walking for half an hour that it started to cause discomfort. *&^%$
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