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Champions League - Inter vs Bayren

Watched the Internationale Milano vs Bayren Munich soccer match this afternoon....highly entertaining I must say! Inter came to win it...and win the UEFA Champions League they all that's left is for Jose Mourinho aka J-Mo needs to do now is leave and go coach Real Madrid.

And when that happens Gago and Higuain trade rumours will be flushed down the toilet because they're not going be going anywhere but to stay on RM. CR9 has to worry because his childish behaviour and his ball hogging will not be tolerated under the "special one"....hang on cuz the fans in Madrid aren't going to like J-Mo's defensive game plans which WIN games....mind you he will probably not be as defensive as his coaching style in Italy is but still it won't be the wide open matches that the Spaniards so love! One really good thing about J-Mo is that he'll draw attention away from the players thus allowing them to concentrate on futbol not on the media circus that often ensues with big clubs!

Now we wait to hear that he's actually the new coach....bye bye Pellegrini....go coach Inter or Juventus (btw on 3 more days till the Juve vs Viola game).
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