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Rock of Ages - Mirvish Productions

Headed over to the Royal Alexandra Theatre to see ROCK OF AGES...basically a musical featuring 80's rock songs set in 1987 which tells the story of a small town girl heading to the big city where she meets a would-be rock star on his way to stardom at LA's most famous rock club. Needless to say they fall head first on to the rocky road of love....

The musical is FANTASTIC....I knew all but 2 or 3 songs! We're talking Starship, REO Speedwagon, Poison, Styx (<3), Foreigner, Pat Benatar, Journey, Quiet Riot, Asia and tons more....except Def Leopard (you'll get the joke if you go see it).

GO SEE IT! It's like a mini rock concert with lots of long hair. ROCK ON!!!

I came home to find out Casey was eliminated from American Idol :( I kinda figured it was his time to go but I want him to stay WHAH!
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