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American Idol the Concert kick off show

So while I was at Mama Mia yesterday American Idol was on...Casey sang "Mrs.Robinson" from the movie The Graduate and his duet with Michael L was Have You Really Ever Loved a Woman from the move Don Juan de Marco. The duet was fabulous and his Mrs. Robinson was was pretty but I expected more...apparently do did the judges.

So on tonight's AI kick off show....I was worried that Casey would be going home....he was the first through. To his shock and mine. I was jumping of course. It looked like he finally realized that this was serious and now he has to really work if he wants this.

The concert show as I call it was fabulous as Bon Jovi was on singing Hero, Daughtry sang September from his newest album This Town. Best of the best! Oh and the mia Fantasia...I don't remember her song much...her voices is still squeeky cute singing tho'.

Best show of the many good performances by former and classic artists!
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