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American Idol Vampires

Omgs I nearly fainted when they put the American Idol Ford music video on for "Believe" and the idol contestants were dressed as yes...VAMPIRES!!! Casey James in all his unholy glory with fangs and fierce hair and prettiness oh my! I will post a vid as soon as I find guarantee I will not bite the screen...I'm just saying.

Shakira's performance was awesome on AI too...I'm liking the new song Gypsy so now I have to go listen to some snippets of songs on her new album to see if I like more of it which I prolly will and thus buy it at some point.

So after all that...Casey is in the bottom 3 tonight again and they send Mike back to the seat and Casey is now in the bottom 2 and I'm on the edge of my seat almost in tears because he's up against Siobhan and terrible as she is she's somehow through voodoo, sleeping with someone, paying someone off making it through all these weeks when she should have gone home long ago and I'm pretty scared Casey might be going home. My only consolation was that Daughtry was gone early too and look where he is now 2 platinum(?) albums later.

Finally was able to breathe a sigh of relief when Ryan said Siobhan was fact I was jumping with joy. Thank the gods she and her scream are gone gone gone!!!
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