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Hot guys and yoga

Today was one of those days where I wished I could have just stayed home. I felt so unproductive, tired and honestly I think I'm burnt out. I need a really long break from everything. I'm cranky of late and I feel I need to change, do something different even if it's something small but I don't know what that is. Maybe if I figured it out I wouldn't be so apathetic of late. I'm also stressing way too much about the environment....discussion ensured at work of course...this happens on a daily basis almost or so it seems. At least we agreed on the Hadron Particle Collider. I did educate on CFLs and explained once again why you unplug appliances and shut off lights not in use. I maybe shouldn't have ranted about the indifference of the Catholic Church when it comes to environmentalism but I couldn't help myself.

On the plus side I met Steven Sabados this afternoon while shopping. He's just gorgeous...I mean one of those people who's born stunning...his eyes are an incredible ice blue. I had trouble keeping eye contact with him and that's highly unusual for me. H O T.

And for some reason it's been getting on my nerves when yoga instructors who have NOT been trained in Tibet or India use the Sanskrit words for yoga poses especially in their blogs as well as throwing it out there periodically during classes. It sounds so pretentious and arrogant especially since most of these instructors are using the yoga as a form of fitness for fitness sake not as a precursor to a spiritual practice. Do these instructors really think it makes them sound more professional? Padma was in Tibet for 8 years studying so she has EARNED the right to use Sanskrit and she uses both the common and Sanskrit when she instructs her yoga classes. Rodney Yee doesn't feel the need to use the Sanskrit at all because he doesn't have to prove himself to anyone. In fact most people who practice yoga as part of their daily spiritual well being don't give a rat's ass if Mountain Pose is Tadasana...or relaxation pose is Savasana. It seems using Sanskrit are for those who want to show off saying "look how I'm involved in this in thing so aren't I hip n' cool" as well as to hide a lack of confidence in their own teaching abilities. As I said. Rodney Yee never uses Sanskrit and I've a hell of a lot more respect for him. Nouveau Yoga instructors everywhere need to get over yourselves and just say Adho Mukha Svanasana "downward dog"....*rolls eyes*

I think I will go listen to Coast to Coast now...maybe they're talking about Aliens and UFO Bob? UFO Phil? something like that anyway maybe he'll call and I can laugh at the absurdity of how the show hosts indulge him....
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