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American 7

Really really annoyed that Casey was in the bottom 2 tonight. Wtf is America thinking? Srsly...I know Casey's performance wasn't phenomenal but it wasn't bad either at least not enough to land him in the bottom two I don't care what anyone says. Even Crystal's performance was a bit boring too and ya'll know I love em both. Lee's performance was the best of them all. Thank the gods at least Tim when home. I'm really tired of Siobhan...she just sucks all the way around imho.

Casey singing Don't Stop by Fleetwood Mac. I love this song. You judge if he should be in the bottom 2. The judges said it wasn't great but it wasn't bad either so again tell me why tonight Casey was in the bottom? He was good but needs to step it up a bit now.

Lee  with The Fighter so you can see how good he was even if it isn't my fav song but I give credit where it's due....he's in my top 3 along with Casey and Crystal.

And of course Crystal with People Get Ready...she cried at the end and couldn't finish...awwww...but you can see how she's still good but not great either...
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