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American Ido & Ugly Betty

American Idol is trying to kill me with good looking men on tonight's show...

Casey James, Adam Lambert and some really hot dark-haired (yes I said that) ponytailed guy whose name I didn't catch but was enough to distract me from the blond Casey.

Also watched the series finale of Ugly Betty. Most of it was good as they tied up/resolved a lot of storylines and loose ends but the situation with Daniel (and we all know from the original series that Betty & Daniel end up together) was very weak. It was almost as if the writers didn't buy the US version of Daniel & Betty as a couple. Very disappointing imho. I said that the reason the show went from such high ratings to low enough to cancel the series was because the writers didn't let the characters grow especially Betty and in the end at least the writers gave her some in terms of personal growth but not enough to do her justice and especially not in the relationship department...the end scene between Daniel and Betty wasn't even romantic:  It was an invitation to dinner. Daniel shows up in London and accidentally bumps into Betty after she moves there. There wasn't even a  Very weak writing, disappointing ending to what was once a really good series.
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