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Today was the longest day known to man. Mostly because i"m tired & had to be in a meeting all day.  I hate meetings that involve too many people deciding vacillating over one item but at least it ended early for a change. Miracle. I don't particularly like the chair of my committee mocking one of the members. It's childish & he should know better for someone in his position. Mind you when he mocks my Director I find it funny. My bad.

Haven't been sleeping in not at all I'm mostly up very late. Last night it was reverse and I was up early as in 3:30am after fallling asleep at midnight. Did you know birds start singing at 4:30am...stfu I need to sleep....why those dang birds so happy that early? *jealous*

American Idol was interesting tonight. Adam Lambert was on to give the contestants critique. I think he did a good job. He was the only one to say that he thought some of the performances were boring and offer advice on how to change it. Needless to say many of the contestants didn't listen to him. Crystal was good but I wasn't crazy about the performance. Casey as well although I agreed with Simon he could have picked a better song he did perform it very well as he does week after week. To be honest Lee was the best. When I find a vid of his performance I will post it. He sang Superstitious Minds and did a fantastic job imho.
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