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Perseus, demi-god

Saw Clash of the Titans (not in 3D) this afternoon. It was pretty good but nothing like the original 1981 version. Although they did do a nice homage to the original with owl (btw I loved that owl) and Perseus was told to "leave it" :(  And ya about the Greek mythology...Apollonius is rolling over in his grave screaming at screenwriters Travis Beacham, Phil Hay & Matt Manfredi for their adaptation which if you haven't guessed is not even close - Beverly Cross who wrote the 1991 screenplay on the other hand is in Apollonius' good books - so Yes to Perseus, Yes to the Kracken, Yes to Medusa (all bad ass & CG'd), Yes to Pegasus Yes to the Stygian Witches, and oh ya the scorpions they were cooler...and about that shield...well all else was up for grabs. Still the special effects were spiffy (prolly spiffier in 3D but I'll pass on getting a migraine), the plot engaging, the actors were believable (even the Djin shh don't ask) and besides Liam Neeson and Ralph Finnes (I so wanted to yell out a line from Harry Potter lol) you'll recognized many of the other actors from other popular movies such as Vincent Regan (Troy), Mads Mikkelsen (King Arthur 2004), Hans Matheson (The Tudors, The Mists of Avalon), Polly Walker (Rome), Pete Postlethwaite (Dragonheart), Gemma Arterton (St Trinian.

Go watch it. You know the story's just plain entertaining and plus you can't go wrong with Greek mythology even watered down mythology.  Myth is myth. I'm ok with it especially for modern times just like I was with Troy. What? Go watch it already!

Of course Perseus was never accused of being a Lightening Thief in this movie...although he did send Hades back to the Underworld with a bolt...oops spoiler alert.
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