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Couldn't sleep at all last night not even the rain made me sleepy which it usually does....didn't help that when insomnia strikes I start thinking too much about one thing or another and last night things of a spiritual nature seemed to want to spin around in my brain in the dead of night (earlier tv & a radio show with similar themes didn't help either). *sigh*  I had to call in sick to work because sleep came around 3:30am or so and I woke up to the alarm at 6:30pm feeling horrible with a migraine and in no shape to go to work. I hate nights like this. My body hates it even more.

Finally fell back asleep at 7am this morning and woke up around 12:30pm this afternoon. Hopefully I'll sleep tonight I have too much stuff to do at work to take another sick day.

Need hugs...
Tags: insomnia
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