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Lost, American Idol, and....Bones(?)

Lost teased me tonight with one scene with character Daniel Faraday. He did on the Island and they showed a scene with Desmond & him in the present/off the Island life. I almost cried. Daniel is my all time fav character on Lost. I want to know when he'll have his own episode although we know most of his previous life.

American Idol's Casey James looked particularly phenomenal tonight and his singing was emotionally powerful. Will post a video clip when I find one. He sang John Lennon's Jealous Guy a song I've never even heard of. Figures.I just want to know who is was about but Casey was being very tight lipped about it as expected. His hair was amazing tonight as they stylists curled it....angelic...though I would have paid to see him sitting there while they did it lol. The show aired a clip where one of the hairdressers was fluffing it....that's my new job Casey James hair fluffer and his hair is definitely pornographic ...I'm just saying. Wants to run fingers through long blond pretty boy hair....ya ya sue me people for my men w/ long hair obsession!!! Crystal Bowersox was undoubtedly one of the best. She sang one of my fav Beatles songs Come Together and she had a cold but sounded amazing as usual. Oh and guess who was in the audience of the show? David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel of Bones tv series....very cool!
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