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Shoe shopping

Shoe shopping...not my favourite thing actually. Clothes are way more fun. I headed uptown to Eglinton to try  to find some shoes. Had my eye set on a pair of Doc Martens. Sadly they were too heavy for Spring...more of a fall even winter if there's no snow type of shoes. Wish I'd know that last winter would be so dry as I'd have bought a pair since  we got hardly any snow.

After Ellington being a bust I headed downtown to the Eaton Centre. Came up empty. Just sandals everywhere and I am not about to buy sandals this time of year even if we're going through some really high temps that are a portend of global warming. I dont' care if the weather is sandel warm it could snow. Last year we had snow at Easter and that was after a hot spell such as we're having now. Typical March/April weather is rainy/some late snow and very unpredictable. I want shoes. On a whim I decided to try Payless....well don't it beat all that I finally find some there of all places Payless. Ended up purchasing 2 pairs for the half the price of regular footwear at the designer places.If this weather continues they'll take me through this month and next then when Fall rolls around. Even if they don't last more than one season it's better than paying twice as much for shoes that last the same amount of time. Soon I can switch to sandals....which I'll have to go shoe shopping once more fore....didn't like too many of the styles out now so I'll wait a month or so and head up to Yorkdale and see what they've got!

Later I met up with lady__croft for some Yueh Tung's famous Chili chicken, Schezwan Shrimp & Cantonese Chow Main. YUMMMMY!
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