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A great day...

Today was one of those days that are describe as great. Not because anything spectacular happened but because it was just enjoyable! Slept late, watched copious amounts of documentaries on OASIS HD & EQTR HD. Then enjoyed a nice walk with lady__croft  in the unseasonable 20 degree weather by wandering around one of my fav areas The Distillery District. Popped into SOMA came out with Dark Fire chocolate (has chili, cinnamon, & other spices), some Italian Almond cookies which I had as a child and a bergamont decadent. Some yoga thereafter, late dinner & old 60's movies on TV. Giget because you just can't get enough of surfer movies and Palm Springs Weekend with Troy Donahue (he's groovy lol) & Stephanie Powers.

Before I forget...a Happy Birthday 205 to one of the most incredible children's writer of all time: Hans Christian Anderson. My most loved stories by him were The Snow Queen and The Little Mermaid but he has so many great ones to choose from!

Google honoured his incredible work with fab illustrations.

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