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Designer shoes = rip off

A couple of days ago the zipper on one of my Josef Seibel shoes broke. I took them to two shoe repair places to get a rough idea on what it would cost to fix....$25 and $28...for one @#$%^&* zipper that is only maybe 3 inches I can buy new shoes instead because if the other zipper breaks and it could easily then I'm paying $60 total for repairs and that's just ridiculous besides they weren't that comfortable anyway. I am not impressed with Josef Seibel which are not much better than Payless shoes imho and costs almost twice as much plus they don't even last as long considering I only wore the Seibel's at the office - wearing runners to and from. Even the pair I had before didn't last the year. Live and learn.

So new shoes tomorrow ...some Doc Martens are calling my name!
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