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Sunday footy and DST

Btw Sergio Ramos looked particularly adorable in today's game with his 5 o'clock shadow....he needs to keep it . *fangirl squee* (I am allowed every once in a while peoples) Also Gago came in for the last 10 mins of the game. I miss watching him play. He's bulked up a wee bit not so waif like...still runs pretty though. I can't wait for the end of the season so he get's traded to a team that will play him and RM regrets they traded him. Stupid team. Sometimes I want to bitch slap em for their stupidity ok it's really Perez that is the problem. IDIOTS is all I can say. Fortza Juventus?

On another note....I hate daylight savings time....just saying. I hate that the time is now one hour ahead but my body doesn't realized this and by the time it does it will be Autumn and the time will fall an hour back. *rolls eyes*
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