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Holy sh*t

At around 11am this morning we were watching an episode of Spartacus: Blood & Sand when fire alarms in the building went off...normally these are false alarms and are ignored. Heard the fire trucks arrive outside and a few minutes later there's a banging on the door and the condo unit number is called out. I open the door to see firemen...lots of firemen....I see them 2 units down with the door open and thick black smoke billowing out. The smell is really mank. Firemen are unrolling the fire hose from the wall. One fireman tells me to go back inside & close the door. I do this without question and tell lady__croft to get ready. First thing that goes through my mind is I need to make sure I have a hard copy of my novel and my USB key which thankfully are in my knapsack. Ok then I open all the windows like an complete frickin' idiot. (In all fairness I think I had at that point figured things were going to be fine but was I thinking?). Then I begin to a) get dressed as I was still in pjs 2) pack up stuff I need ie. important papers & documents and ID 3) throw clothes into a bag 4) find my contacts as I had my glasses on and grab a few toiletries just in case. I throw these into the knapsack 5) Grab Rutger's ashes 6) I put on shoes and wait. I can hear things happening in the hall including a hot Aussie accent but I don't dare open the door to I look out the window and a fireman on ground level looks up and sees me. I pretty sure that since the firemen were not running around like crazy and no ladders were being deployed (there were only pulling out some kind of fan) that they had it under control. I then go back and open the door a small crack then finally wider. I get the all clear from a very young (prolly just out of fire academy) and from the young oriental police officer with him. A girl is with them and they joke that it's her fault. I laugh and say so I can stop panicking now not that I was but ya know. They laugh and nod. Ok. I can come down off high alert...adrenaline had been flowing. I am glad that it was nothing major. I realized that I really didn't care a lot about most of my stuff as t can be replaced but still was worried about water damage.It wasn't until it was over that I had forgot to put my mum's and grandparents pic, LC's mum's pic etc plus a few other things I didn't think of at the time that would not be replaceable.

We need to have a contingency plan and to make sure that we have things ready nearby in case we must just go. Strange thing the other day I was thinking that fire drills were never really real and what then happens? We have a real one only thank goodness it was very small and easily controlled by the fantastic TO firemen. heroes!

After we decided that since we're dressed we'd go run errands at Sobey's and Staples then came home and finished watching Spartacus.
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