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Noise Noise Noise

Horrible day at work...tried to get stuff done this morning but because of the noise level in the office I couldn't concentrate at all. Actually ended up having to a job again because I corrected the wrong letters (hard to explain). The inconsiderate people in the office/dept decided that all of them need to meet in the open cubicle section on the other side of my office. Six people all talking at the top of their lungs. It was so loud it gave me a headache. Miss Shrill as I like to call her - yes he's the woman 4 offices down that everyone can hear even those on the other side of the floor along with the Bully who can be quiet loud when he has to compete with Miss Shrill plus Ms NeverShutsUp and two new employees one who is just as loud as MS whom I'm going to call Mrs Screech and the only person who kept his voice to a respectable decibel level was Mr Nice Guy.

I tried asking them to keep it down but they just went right back to screaming so to try to drown em all out I turned on music but I could still hear them. I thought if I sang I could shut them out and if you've ever heard me sing it could scare a cat but it didn't help so I gave up and somewhere close to lunch hour they all went into the boardroom. I still have a headache from their noise!

Sometimes I just can't win.

EDIT: If I had my headphones with me it wouldn't have been a problem but as it stands my mp3 player is on the fritz so I leave it at home. Guess I should bring the headphones to work until I get an iPod.
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