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Supernatural & American Idol

Now I"m sure you're wondering what Supernatural & American Idol have in common....nothing I actually got to watch TV tonight lol.

Sam & Dean in the looney bin cracked me up....gotta be one of the best episodes this year. I couldn't stop laughing when they were telling the Doctor that Dean was crazy & the Apocalypse then Sam starts in with the whole I gotta save the world. Sometimes you need a good laugh.

American Idol...can we just say quickly of the girls I like Crystal's voice the on to the boys. Can I just say one word/person....CASEY. When the prettiness/voice candy goes then I really don't care who wins. I didn't agree with Cara and Victoria Beckham making him take off his shirt...that's a little sexist & had it been Simon & Randy with a girl it wouldn't have happened so why did it happen with C & V? The hair on the other hand....LET IT LOOSE BABY!!! Also during the first round night the snickering going on in the audience when Casey sang Heaven by Bryan Adams was just rude. I blame Kara DioGuardi & her cougar claws for it all....still Casey's got my vote all the way to the finish. Then can he come sing for me?!?!

Ahhhh....Heaven by Bryan Adams and I Don't Need No Doctor by Humble Pie!...Ahhhh....
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