Niviene (niviene) wrote,

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep & loud disturbing meetings can make you do crazy I took one of our mascots (we have two) a stuffed Pirate Bear (yes ahoy matey) named Captain Morgan and turned it into a puppet by sticking my hand up the back of the shirt it wears. I made the paws and head moved and included a pirate voice. I made it play the xylophone we got as a gift from Mocambique The bear holds a short pirate sword and at one point as I"m trying to move the arm and sing a pirate song it looked like it was sawing it's leg assistant was almost in tears and as I continued to sing I accidentally moved the motion of sawing with the sword too close towards it's middle & my assistant says "Oh no don't do that it looks like something else entirely!" (wanking) to which we broke out into an even greater fit of laughter....yes this is what happens when a) you haven't slept well for weeks b) the meeting going on in the next room is so loud you can't think straight and they keep opening the door though you've tried to shut it not once but twice c) Exec Dir leaves office early (to go play hockey but he really lied and said he was going to an off site meeting).

I should have had my assistant take some video cuz I don't think I could repeat the performance again!
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