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Other people's kids..

Got stuck on the subway with a guy from the office. I don't particularly like this individual and luckily I don't have to interact with him much still I do have to be politics etc etc etc. Well didn't he show me pics of his baby the whole ride down to my stop. Why people seem to feel the need to share baby pics I don't begin to comprehend cuz most of us who are single w/o kids can't relate even if the kid is cute & we really aren't really interested plus I don't particularly care about other people's babies unless they are friends or relatives. Let me know when the kids is an age where it can communicate then I'll be happy to spend time with him or her. Btw...this is the same guy who at Christmas gave everyone in the office a pic of his kid....I'm still asking why? Why would I want a pic of someone else's kid who is not mine nor related to me in any way? Do I put it up? If I don't will he be offended? If it's up will people think it's mine? or I'm a relative? here I was stuck and being tortured by having to see picture after picture of a 6 month old....all the pics started to look the same after a while. I don't mind seeing pics if it's just a handful but after the 25th one or so it get's old pretty fast! The worst was when he asked me to give him my headphones ( I was planning on listening to music before he showed up) which I stupidly gave him & he proceeded to plug them into his phone & made me listen/watch to a video his wife took. It was the kid pooping in her diapers & making a grunting sound. O_O Frickin could have warned me but no just a "you've gotta listen to this it's hilarious" comment. SO NOT FUNNY! (You may laugh reading this but it wasn't funny at the time). Srsly I couldn't get off the train fast enough once my stop came up. All I can say is thanks Tim but no thanks!

A word to the wise....limit the baby pics to no more than 5 or 6 funny or cute ones and no gross videos please.
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