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The Lightening Thief

Headed over to the AMC Theatres this morning to watch Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightening Thief. The movie although slightly different than the books (if you haven't read them & you love Greek Mythology then you MUST). I thoroughly enjoyed the film even with the changes that were made which weren't that much as it stuck more or less to the books. Those changes allowed the movie to be either a stand a lone film if they don't make a sequel or introduce some of the stuff/plot/charactersthey left out in a sequel ie. the prophecy about Percy, Dionysus, the Oracle etc. I only recognized Steve Coogan as Hades by the sound of his voice lol. Plus I also wasn't sure if I'd like Kevin McKidd as Poseidon. He was awesome although personally I think he would have made a great Ares. Sean Bean was his usually amazing self as Zeus. Uma Thurman's Meduse as pretty good as her voice is unique so you notice more than just the CG snakes! If they make a sequel I'm excited to see who they cast as Dio, Ares, Aphrodite, and my fav Apollo! I think Logan Lerman who is the young man who plays Percy will be filling up the bedrooms of teenage girls everywhere.He was adorably cute I gotta say.

Go watch it!
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