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Another trip to David's Tea

lady__croft and I are addicted to David's Tea on Eglinton Ave as I mentioned. Well we went over there after work to pick up some tea that we're running low on. When we walked in they gave us a sample of Green Seduction which lady__croft ended up buying as well as Citron Oolong & our fav Detox. I picked up some more Egyptian Chamomile and that Romance I mentioned last time. Tried another tea called Three Wishes which has rose water in it and it was good as well had a few sips of The Skinny that lady__croft got which was really good! It had a hint of orange in it. Will end up going back for that at some point soon. YUMMY!

This is what their website says about...

Green Seduction:

Give into it

Ah, the pomegranate. In Greek mythology, Hades, god of the underworld, used pomegranate seeds to seduce Persephone, goddess of fertility. In Biblical circles, many think that Eve was actually tempted by a pomegranate, not an apple. What a fruit. We’ve used it to create a green tea that’s just as powerful. Sweetly tart, and full of antioxidants. Seductive on every level.
Three Wishes:

I wish, I wish, I wish

In old Arabian tales, there was always a genie around ready to grant you three wishes. In comparison, the modern world seems a bit dull. So how do you escape reality? Try this rare tea. Its exotic fragrances of jasmine and rose water will transport you to the time of Ali Baba. Enjoy it chilled, or look into the hot steam and dream of genies.

The Skinny:

A Chinese secret

2000 years of ancient Chinese wisdom suggest you try this organic blend. It contains oolong and pu’erh teas, both reputed to speed your metabolism and block fat absorption after a heavy meal. Plus it’s got ginger and ginseng, two more traditional metabolism uppers. So go ahead, drink up. The only thing you’ll gain is wisdom.

Citron Oolong:

A citrus burst

This blend of high-grown oolong is truly rejuvenating. It’s scented with lemon myrtle, jasmine and natural citrus essences, and the result is light, fresh and uplifting. Try drinking a cup after a heavy meal to take the edge off. Oolong is, after all, known to speed your metabolism and block fat absorption. In China, it’s been used as a heart saver for hundreds of years.


A courtship ritual

Back in the Victorian era, when a gentleman was interested in a lady, he couldn’t just walk up and start a conversation. He needed an introduction. Then the lady could present her card to him and invite him for a chaperoned tea. This organic blend of wild roses, peppermint and white tea would have been perfect. Feminine, sweet and subtly provocative. For true Victorian ladies – and those who fancy them.

Needless to say we are tea connoisseurs & we're addicted to these delicious blends! Want to try so many from there such as
  • Orange Julep
  • After Midnight - will have to try it soon as it's part of their 'special' winter collection & may not stay around
  • Caravan Earl Grey
  • Bravissimo - tho' I'm not sure I'll like the licorice in this despite it being a blend of Peppermint & Chamomile.
Also want to get this:

The Tea Cookbook - Tonia George

So delicious

The recipes (and photos!) in this book are to die for. We’re talking Earl Grey Chocolate Truffles, Assam and Lemon Tarts, and Green Tea Pannacottas. Mint Tea Couscous, Tea-Smoked Trout, Beef Braised in Rooibos. Cocktails like G&Teas and Green Tea Martinis. The list of mouthwatering creations never ends. Author Tonia George is one of Britain’s leading food editors and it shows.
I didn't see the book in the store cuz I wasn't actually looking for it but it was on their website.
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