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Me = idiot

Did a bone head thing tonight. Tried to pry the dropper lid off a vial of essential oil because there was some left in the bottle but it wasn't deep enough to cover the hole to enable the liquid to come out. I used scissors to just lift the lid a little and there must have been a bit just under the edge & it squirted into my right eye. I was wearing my glasses luckily. Still it started to sting a little then I freaked out and I yelled for lady__croft to get the Olive Oil then I doused my eye with a capful twice and then rinsed for about 5 mins in water. Scared my self so much I was shaking. I know this was a stupid thing to do pry off the lid without putting something over. I didn't think. Eye is ok. Thanks the gods. Thank the gods. Thank the gods.

Did end up missing most of Fringe cuz of it :(
Tags: stupidity
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