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Le Weekend? What's that....

Didn't do anything I wanted to this weekend...why does it seem like every weekend is about running errands rather than chilling or doing something fun? *sigh*

Didn't get to do anything I had planned... again.

Did rent a couple of movies Whip It and Post Grad. Both were cute. Thought Drew Barrymore's directorial debut was actually pretty good. Post Grad had lot of small funny moments but the ending left too many things unfinished.

Watched a bit of the Grammy's....BORNING...because of a phone call  I missed part of Bon Jovi's performance which I was looking forward to! Andrea Bocelli's rendition of Bridge Over Trouble Water was beautiful Half way through the Grammys I turned on Masterpiece Theatre's version of Jane Austin's Emma! I'm liking their version better than the movie.

Another weekend passes by....on the plus side they are coming to change out my old worn out broken blinds in the middle of the week, class starts Wed & Lost begins it's final season on Tues.
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