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Vacation Day 7 - Last Day

My STAY-CATION is over. Pretty much can sum it up as puttering/de-cluttering/cleaning the condo & errands. So exciting I know. As I said before despite the non excitement I'd rather be home than at the AD...too much drama/stress there of late.

Today was mostly watching footy - in other words a typical lazy Sunday. This morning was the Palermo vs Fiorentina game while this afternoon Inter Milan took on AC Milan. Palermo shut out Fior 3-0 and the Inter game was nothing short of unf*ing believable. They played first with only 10 men then 9 as two players got kicked off the pitch by bad ref calls and still they managed to win 2-0 . I'm not a huge fan of either Milan teams but dang the match was exciting. Didn't watch Real Madrid as their game was on the internet only.

Found out today Tues meeting is canceled which is fine as it give me more time work out holes - might work on that tonight as I have some time.
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