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Vacation Day 6 - Back to the Market

Seems like all I've been doing is going grocery shopping last 3 days. I know I said I didn't want to do a big shopping but rather buy fresh every day...I don't mind really the market is only a few blocks away  but having to the regular market as well as going to the grocery store again today is getting a wee bit ridiculous but then again silly me forgot to take out the lamb so I went to get a whole chicken. Leftovers for work on Monday and tomorrow the lamb will be defrosted.

Just finished watching the Juventus vs Roma soccer match. Gigi got a red card....the back up goalie came in & they were a man down. The game was interesting and Roma scored the go ahead goal in the dying minutes of the game. Dang they really need Gago cuz their passing is horrific. Amauri played very well despite not scoring which is a good thing cuz I don't want them to trade him. Final score Juve 1 vs Roma 2.

Yes I live an exciting life...I need to get a life instead of this hibernation thing I've put myself into.

Not really looking forward to going back to assistant emailed her "views" on the new girl who started last Monday because I mentioned to my assistant what my first impressions of the noob was. My assistant thinks I might be right. Yes peoples I usually am although some people have surprised me but usually I'm bang on the money. Her comments cracked me up regardless. Thank the gods the noob's not in my department.
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