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Vacation Day 5 - More errands

Didn't do anything exciting the last couple of days really - grocery shopped, puttered around the house, more cleaning & decluttering, got caught up on Fringe & Bones & rented movies. Saw Fame & Lost City Raiders

Fame was a waste of time & someone once said "That's 2hrs of my life I'll never get back." It's true & I love musicals. The original movie was somewhat better & the original series was 100x better so rent at own risk. Do I srsly need to tell you what this movie is about? 

Lost City Raiders
was a bit better - a sci-fi flick set in the future after Global Warming has caused the polar ice caps to melt and flood the Earth. I couldn't help but laugh because they kept throwing in all kinds of things about ancient history that was both based on fact & pure fiction ok most of it was fiction!  Wtf was up with the "scepter of Sobek" from Ancient Egypt that Moses took from Ramses to part the red sea....ROFLMAO and it went on from there using everything from Knights Templar to new age theory of energy lay lines. They left out the Aliens though I still think they were prolly in there but got cut at the last minute in script changes *wink* Also it starred Ian Somerhalder & his pretty blue eyes so eye candy was abundant. He looks younger hear than on Vampire Diaries despite it being only made a couple of years ago.
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