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Vacation Day 4 - More Australian Open

Finally got to watch Feliciano Lopez play Andy Roddick in the Australian Open. TSN2 decided to show it in time delay which pissed me off a bit. Feli played well winning the first set but dropping the next three taking two of those to tie breaks! I wish he'd take tennis more seriously becuse I really do think (see my exuberant twitter posts lol) he's better than his standings but I think he plays because he likes tennis & is good at it. Is it his passion the way it is with Rafa Nadal? No I don't believe so. Regardless I believe in him.

Rafa plays at 3am our time & hell I'm not staying up that late to watch it. I'm hoping he'll have won by the time I wake up in the morning.

Vamos Feli & Rafa. Until next tournament my da'lings!
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