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Vacation Day 3 - Nebkheperure

Just got back from the AGO exhibit King Tutankhamun: The Golden King & the Great Pharaohs. They make you stand outside grand doors to what looks like the out court of a temple & view a very short info documentary narrated by Harrison Ford. Inside are some of the most beautiful statues, jewelry, furniture & other funerary items used in the Egyptian afterlife. Loved two colossal statues in particular - one of the boy king himself & another of his father Akhenaten - also the jewelry was phenomenal as well as Tutankhamun's bed & a small statue of Osiris. The coolest item was one I got chills at as I approached - the staff of Anpu/Anubis. I actually went to see the rest of the items in the room first as my knees were kind of shaky before coming back to it. It was a strange & surreal sensation to say the least but then again it's Anup so why I was surprised I don't know. Needless to say I didn't want to leave.

I wish they had brought more things....

In the gift shop (yes I could have easily bought everything!) I found another copy of my ring I lost at RBC many years ago. The ring has an ankh at one end & a lotus on the other. On representing eternal life or longevity & the other the abundance & prosperity of the Nile which was important to the Egyptians. Both symbols were often used as amulets. There was also this gorgeous necklace with matching bracelet I wanted but I wasn't about to part with $300 for them. Still....part of me wishes I had them. As lady__croft said maybe it's a sign that I will find something better in Egypt. And next year I'm supposed to go to Mozambique so we'll be stopping in Egypt on my way back definitely. Unless as amdisa would say 'Destiny' has other more immediate plans.

Go see the Exhibit if you can. It's cheaper on weekdays than weekends. You won't be disappointed!

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