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Vacation Day 2 - I work w/ Idiots

Got up early today to meet a co-worker at 9am (yes I am on vacation) because he got passes to the AGO for me. I met him at church. Yes I just said church. Stop laughing peoples. He said to meet him in the hall. I thought he literally meant a hallway not the parish hall as in big room. I am such a dork sometimes lol. Tomorrow it's off to the AGO to see the King Tut exhibit. I've been looking forward to this for a long time.

We did get tons of things done today. Went to the 1 Euro store aka the dollar store lol, the market, took boxes to Goodwill, registered for class then cleaned out part of the storage room.

While I was out running above mentioned errands the SL secretary from the office called leaving me a voicemail that said it was URGENT URGENT (said twice) that she talk to me. So I call her back thinking all hell has broke loose. Couldn't be farther from the truth. I really wanted to slap her.  They were looking for an electronic copy of a form which was being requested by a third party as 3P fax wasn't working. Office can't find electronic copy (cuz it was deleted & am waiting for IT Dept to restore said file. We have only hard copy. My assistant knows this & was in today) So I ask how is this urgent considering said third party missed this month's deadline which was last Friday. They have to wait until next month. Also I sent said third party a copy on Friday. They never said they didn't get it. My guess is they miss placed the form. Apparently 3P will send someone to get a copy...well good luck if they are sending the person this week. My assistant isn't in rest of week & I'm certainly not. I don't think she left them a copy. Rest of office has no idea where this form is kept. I'm not answering the phones either. When I'm back next Monday I can send them an electronic copy then. Again how is this urgent? Let's waste everyone's time because people don't think. They really have no clue as to what is urgent. If this was my secretary I would have fired her on the spot. Also what part of vacation didn't anyone understand? I work with IDIOTS. After I talked to the secretary I talked to my assistant & she indicated that she had dealt with the third party informing them of the situation & she didn't know why the secretary took it upon herself to call me. I told my assistant that she needs to learn how take the lead in such a situation & tell the secretary of SL that under no circumstances does this constitute an emergency and under no circumstances should I be called as it is not pivotal to anything at that point. 

On a brighter note I got to see some of Rafa's match today...TSN kept switching to other matches but the best news is that FELICIANO LOPEZ won his match & will play Andy Roddick next round. You have no idea how happy this makes me. I could cry! TSN has to show the match cuz Andy is American & I will get the rare chance to see Feliciano play \o/ *does dance of joy* I can now sleep with joy in my heart!!!
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