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Vacation Day 1 - The Austrailian Open

Finally got to see Rafa Nadal play tennis today at the Australia Open after missing a lot of the season last year. It's been so long since I've actually watched a game *shakes fist at TSN & TSN 2). Rafa played very well though despite the uneventful game. I know his less mature fans would lynch me for saying this but I miss the old Rafa - the one who's game was exciting to watch & who wore the avant-garde outfits. Now he just reminds me of Roger Federer - you know his game will be consistent & he'll win but nothing spectacular is going to happen during the game. He even dresses like Roger now. Today's uniform was orange, pink & white. I miss the sleeveless tops that intimidated his opponents.

Gone is his aggressive baseline game, the intimidation factor when he stepped on court,  the speed and almost omnipresent court coverage that scare the bejesus out of his opponents. At least his groundstrokes still have that incredible heavy topspin whose revolutions per minute average 3,200 and the high bounce of his forehands still give him an advantage over his opponent. I noticed today that he had a lot of aces and his service game has changed a bit to where he is trying for service winners rather than a 1st serve consistency to gain advantage points. Who knows how his game will change again. I still love Rafa but I miss what used to be. The same thing happened when Patrick Rafter retired.

As lady__croft and I discussed today it seems that we may have to wait until today's young tennis players who are influenced by Rafa to grow up a little & turn professional before we see some exciting tennis again. Thus is the cycle of tennis. It thrills, mellow, thrills again as the players grow, compete & retire then starts all over again.

Also missing Feliciano Lopez on the court. Another player whose matches never see the light of day thanks to the crappy coverage of tennis in this country!
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