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Yesterday there was a total blackout of my condo building....earlier in the week via memo we were told that the power was supposed to be down from 10am to 2pm only. It was 5:30ish when I got home. No power. Couldn't cook dinner, take a shower, do laundry NOTHING. lady__croft and I headed over to TEC to get some food & go to the bookstore since there wasn't much else we could do. When we arrived back home after our forage for food & knowledge it was just a little after 9pm by then & I figured the power would be on by it was still out. Ok time to light candles & do...absolutely nothing....which I wasn't very good at prolly due to the crazy work day  of being in meetings ALL DAY. Relaxation wasn't something I comprehended at that time. Actually went to bed early O_O. Lucky for us it wasn't that cold last night either and a few extra blankets were all that was needed.
What I was most ticked about besides the potential loss of what's in the fridge & freezer was that I couldnt' watch the new episode of Bones & Fringe that was on last night. :/

So now the fiasco of last night's blackout is over and we once again have heat, hot water & electricity. Went into the office later this am missing an important event going on so I could talk to our condo building management. I got to talk to the treasurer Matt instead. Yes he was the only one on sight besides security. He was a wealth of info I'm not sure he should have told me after I asked him how the building was planning on compensating us for the loss of the entire contents of our fridge which we just finished filling up with about $200+ of groceries. He told me that there was an "accident' and one of the electrical contractors was injured on site & in the hospital. He apparently wasn't trained for the "specialty" type of electrical work needed, investigation going on & the authorities were on site trying to rectify the damage which took far longer because of stop work order needed due to the severity of the injured contractor. He also told me that it took them 4 calls to different electrical companies to find the correct one to had not only the training to do the work but also the PERMITS. Matt also told me that the building management were in a learning curve due to this...he pointed out that he now knows that you have to have a permit to change a light ya I knew MIKE HOLMES and you learn alot but I guess he doesn't lol. So finally they get the electrical work complete at just past 12 midnight but Hydro coudn't turn on power immediately because their only qualified personnel to work on an underground power vault was responding to an electrical fire....Honest Ed's display window fire. So there ya have it.

Have decided since we were not prepared for such an emergency that I need take stock of how to be better prepared. Yes we had candles but the lighter was low on fluid, no food in the house that doesn't need to be cooked....that kind of thing.

At work both Es & Candy said I should have called them & they'd have come get us & give us shelter, food, heat etc. So nice of them to offer but we weathered the storm as the saying goes.

Tomorrow will clean out fridge & for the next few days we will only buy what we're eating fresh & cook that night. I actualy kind of like that idea...

And the best news of all....I"M OFFICIALLY ON VACATION! No dealing with the crazy people from the cult farm.
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