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Life & other things

Went to the spa today...for a wax service. Painful but needed. I should call it the Spa of Pain as opposed to the Spa of Pleasure when I get massage or a facial or mani-pedi.

Looming strike by college teachers will not affect me \o/.

My work is getting in the way of my true calling. Am frustrated by this. There never seems to be enough time to do all the things I need/want to do with my life's purpose. *sigh* I hope the deja vu I had today means that "destiny" is just around the corner.

Only 3 more sleeps until my week off. Really looking forward to the time away. I just wish I was going away somewhere instead of staying in the city...but not in the cards right now...Buenos Aires will have to wait.

Which brings me to the Argentine player Fernando Gago on Real Madrid...I really need to stop listening to these stupid trade rumours. If there is a trade then he's going to Juventus and Juventus only. Hear me oh great gods of soccer! Unless RM loan him to Bocca Jrs.  where Bocca  come to TO in the summer then he's traded to Juve. I'll accept that as a consolation prize but I want him on Juve if he's not wanted on Real Madrid (team knows shit about talent. Look at Gonzalo Higuain as an example). I need to watch a game where Sergio Ramos scores so that all is right in the world of footy again!

I need a mental health day....tomorrow might be that day.
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