Niviene (niviene) wrote,

The Office - A Comedy of Errors

Fringe was on tonight...some special bonus episode not aired...after only watching the first half (dvr-ing the second part) cuz The Big Bang Theory takes precedence the Fringe episode had some "religious" overtones about the Church including a confrontation between Walter & a Priest I can see why it wasn't aired. BBT was awesome btw. That show is unequivocablty the best show on tv....followed closely by Fringe. My two favs and may they never be on at the same time again. Drove me nuts having to switch over.

Really loving daily Yoga (with Gabe as well as the G-Family lol). Feel so much better after it. Don't know how I let myself stop doing it for any length of time!!!

I started reading The Fellowship of the Ring: LOTR. Hobbits are fond of bright coloured clothing....particularly Green & Yellow. Hmmm guess Peter Jackson & the costume dept forgot that part in the movie lol.

AKA Miss Shrill who occupies the office 4 doors down & is in another department from me decided to complain about her corporate "donor" newsletter to the ED. Unfortunately I could hear her all the way in my office & it was totally disruptive to people on the floor. BE CONSIDERATE & SHUT THE DANG DOOR! Also the Bully wants to get rid of the G&M daily delivery because he thinks "no one reads it (for stuff pertaining to the Charity - he doesn't think we should read it for leisure)." To which I answered "Is the Charity mentioned in the paper every day?" This is going to be discussed in our staff meeting on Thursday...waste of time... (yes same day my Allocation Committee meets - hence I'm in meetings ALL day). )What I should have said to his remark was "I'm sure that said paper would be just thrilled to know that you're canceling the subscription and if I were them I certainly would rethink donating the 'free' full page ad (expensive & incredible exposure) to your Charity on that bit of news." I mean if you don't need their paper then they don't need to give you any kind of 'donation'! I'm sure the Bully hasn't thought of that. Dufus! Ya fun times at the office of idiots.



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