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LOTR, Yoga & Bees

Didn't do yoga today...watched The Nature of Things instead which was talking about how bees are dying & this will in long term affect both plant life & human life. Small plea to my guides about sending help for the plant. Let us hope we can save Mother Earth in time. I worry a lot about this mortal coil but I don't want to take an apathetic stance like most of the world thinking there's nothing I can do because we each can do one little thing which will help immensely. Pray. Pray that planet becomes balanced again for She is definitely off balance right now. This is what I know to be true.

Finished watching The Return of the King tonight. The extended version although some stuff should be left in other parts I'm glad they cut for the screen version as those extended scenes really throws the flow of the film off. Glad I watched thse again.I've forgotten a lot of my Elvish both Quenya & Sindarin lol.
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